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ICF Advocates for Choice


URGENT MESSAGE. The Build Back Better Bill is currently in the House and will make its way to the Senate next week.

Please send the following message to Congress, the Vice-President and the President.


Follow the link to send your message to your representatives in Congress.


Subject: H.R. 5376 will have a crippling impact on programs serving those who live with the most severe levels of cognitive, behavioral and physical impairments living at Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs).

Message to Congress:

Individuals with severe and profound disabilities and their families who will be adversely affected by H.R. 5376 were not considered as the bill was written. The bill, if enacted, will have a crippling impact on programs serving individuals who live with the most severe levels of cognitive, behavioral and physical impairments, those who require care every day, 24 hours a day.

While H.R. 5376 increases the needed federal funding for home and community-based services (HCBS) , the bill does not include the same increase in federal funding for licensed facility-based care programs, the Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs), which provide round the clock care for the most defenseless persons in our society.

There is a need for community programs; there is a need for institutional programs. Our government should not implement policies that provide increased federal funds only to community programs because there are some individuals who cannot survive in community settings which do not have access to 24/7 professional care. Specialized care at an ICF provides the support needed by those with severe needs and those unable to care for themselves. H.R.5376 puts intermediate care facilities (ICFs), the specialized residential programs for persons with cognitive and developmental disabilities, at a huge disadvantage because these programs compete for the same workforce as HCBS programs. The proposed unequal and discriminatory funding structure will financially incentivize States to eliminate ICF care in favor of privatized HCBS providers.

By not providing the same increase in funding and payment rates to ICFs, the eventual effect of H.R. 5376 will be to discourage states from offering the vital care these men and women need to survive.

Ignoring the extreme needs of these men and women who live in ICFs, will certainly put their lives in jeopardy.

Follow the link to add your personal information with the ICF Advocates for Choice message.

Please include a commensurate increase in funding for ICFs in the Build Back Better Bill.


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